Hellenic Agricultural Organisation – HAO DEMETER / Greece

HAO-DEMETER is the national body responsible for the agricultural research and technology in Greece. It functions as a legal entity of the public sector supervised and financed, more than 51%, by the Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development & Food. It is consisted of widespread research institutes and units, mainly located in the North of Greece. The total number of the permanent stuff is approximately 700 including: researchers, scientists, technical, administrative and financial stuff.

HAO’s objects are to develop and support actions to modernize and develop the agricultural sector of the country, to improve production processes, to enhance competitiveness, to certify the quality of agricultural products and food, to establish good agricultural practices and controls, and last but not least, to educate and train farmers.

Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources, which belongs to HAO-DEMETER, through targeted research, derives and disseminates knowledge about crop production development in order to solve problems of Greek agriculture. The main research objectives are the maintenance, evaluation and reasonable use of plant genetic resources and the development of new varieties and species with improved performance, quality and adaptability. Furthermore, the research focuses on sustainable and precision agriculture, integrated production management, modern crop protection systems, optimal use of inputs, with a lower production cost and environmental protection. Moreover, experience has been gained throughout the years, in the collection, conservation, propagation (conventional and biotechnological methods) and cultivation of plant species of the Greek flora with emphasis in aromatic-medicinal plant species.

Fundaciòn Empresa Universidad Gallega – FEUGA / Spain

The Fundación Empresa-Universidad Gallega (FEUGA) is a non-profit and private law association, specialising in the transfer of knowledge, innovation and technology from the Galician University System to the business world and society in general.

Besides being University Knowledge Transfer Office, the close relation with the three Galician Universities, allowing FEUGA to have direct contact with more than 600 research groups.

Its mission is to bring competition, skill, experience, talent and scientific and technical knowledge generated by university groups to market research, promoting entrepreneurship in college and dynamism in the productive sector.

FEUGA enhances the work of the researchers, leading the leap from knowledge to its practical application on a visible and shared basis.

Its founding members are the three Galician universities: the University of Santiago, the University of A Coruña, the University of Vigo and the most prestigious public institutions and private companies in Galicia.

As an institution, its watchwords are values such as the promotion of technology, innovation, the multi-disciplinary and scientific know-how of universities, and the creation of wealth and social quality.

UAGN – Uniòn de Agricultores y Ganaderos de Navarra / Spain

UAGN, the Navarran Agricultural and Farmers Union, is an agricultural professional organization plural and independent whose main objective is to represent and defend the interests of the rural area of Navarre (Spain) and their professionals who live and develop this rural area. To achieve this goal, UAGN performs a service work towards its farmers affiliates that allow the optimal development of their activity in the agricultural sector.  For that, the actions of UAGN are developed to improve and promote training, modernization, productivity, profitability, employment, women insertion, etc… All these activities are carried out in consideration of optimum and responsible use of natural resources. 

Also UAGN is involved in ASAJA (Agricultral Association of Young Farmers) at Spanish National Level; and at European Level is included in COPA (Committee of Professional Agricultural Organisations of Europe). 

The main work fields of UAGN are :

  • Training: promote modernization through actualization of rural population knowledge and training in Health and Safety (Labour risks).
  • Livestock farms: enhancing quality livestock production methods, linked with the land and based in good agricultural practices.
  • Markets and promotion: looking for new alternatives, regarding to production or marketing, which ensure agricultural productivity and subsistence.
  • Equal opportunities: Enhancing the role and personal development of women in rural areas and promoting equal opportunities, and enhance participation of women in decision-making bodies.
  • Labour risks management: development of a Agricultural Prevention Service; health and safety management services.
  • Environment and energy efficiency.
  • And other areas are: direction and management, insurances, engineering, taxes & accounting, legal consultancy, labor relations, agricultural vehicles management…

UAGN has big experience in all the aspects of the Agricultural Sector; and of course in training of rural professional through different courses about environment, Environmental impact studies and sustainable agriculture, PRECISION Agriculture, New technologies, and health & safety management of the agricultural activities.


Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” / Italy

Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” is based on the experience of social and educational work carried out by Danilo Dolci and his collaborators, which started in Eastern Sicily back in 1952. The Centre stemmed from the need of offering the local communities a reality committed to practically solve the local problems, developing a creative space in which fostering awareness and bottom-up planning were the center of the action, paving the way for a real change. Since the beginning, the main focus of the Center were non-violent education practices as well as the development of a methodology – the Reciprocal Maieutic Approach – able to ease creative development at school and in the local territory. 

At present, Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” is a non-profit association involving young people and adults, which mainly acts through projects in the educational field carried out in cooperation with schools, universities, institutions, associations and social groups both at local and international level.

Ergasia Ekpaideftiki Anonymi Etairia / Greece

ERGASIA EKPEDEFTIKI is a Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning Center and one of the most dynamically established Centers, nationwide, offering high quality and extensive experience in providing training services, career & business counseling while enjoying a high level ranking on the evaluation of the Hellenic Ministry of Education. It is certified by the National Certification Agency for Qualifications and Career Guidance and by ISO 9001:2008 for the quality of its services. 

The company offers tailor-made training programs in almost all business sectors: Tourism, Information Technology, Finance & Administration, Technical Professions, Manufacturing, Transportation, Health & Welfare, Agriculture Professions, Environment, Pedagogic and Culture & Sport.

Ergasia’s mission is to create competitive advantage for its trainees and to add value in each completed project, through the development and implementation of innovative systems for lifelong learning, and skills’ structure.

Fields of interest are:

  • Continuous Training
  • Funded and self-Funded Company Training Programs
  • Social Inclusion Programs
  • European Grants and Initiatives
  • Employment Promotion


  • Vocational Training to unemployed, employees and self-employed
  • Career Counseling and Support to unemployed and employees on issues such as exploring career interests and skills, professional orientation, connection with the labor market
  • Coordination, management and implementation of integrated projects and development programs related to Education & Youth Exchange in the context of national and European initiatives
  • Business Consultation and Support in getting funding from national/and or EU initiatives

Rezos Brands SA / Greece

REZOS BRANDS SA (REZOS BRANDS ANONYMI EMPORIKI ETERIA IDON DIATROFIS, ) is a private-for profit Greek food-oriented company specialised at superfoods, founded in 1983 in Patras, Western Greece. REZOS BRANDS SA is offering modern 4,400 sq.m warehouse facilities, with top of the line storage and management systems, based in Industrial Area of Patras as well as its European Research & Development Department, based as a branch in Patras suburb. Additionally, the company has branches in Attica as well as in Heraklion of Crete, based in Heraklion Industrial Area. Its staff is highly educated, qualified and experienced covered the whole spectrum of company’s activities. REZOS BRANDS SA collaborate with professional partnerships and a wide network of external collaborators, such as Greek and European Universities, local & public authorities, other private companies, chambers, NGO’s and European Experts. The company is operating in 3 different sectors:

  1. Commercial & distribution where main activity is the distribution and the development of national sales networks of imported and local food & beverages products
  2. Farming: where has adopted the vertical business model of super fruits cultivation: from the farm to the supermarket self.
  3. European R&D :referring to the research activities carried out in order to upscale existing products and services towards the development of new products/ services by seeking European funds

Generally, Rezos Brands SA invests in new food processing methods for health dry fruits, as at our “Hippocrates Farm” in Meteora, we cultivate, process and market, the best organic sea buckthorn, as a pleasant everyday food, so that people can benefit the most out of it. We, started doing so, through the osmotic low temperature process, an innovative dehydration method that keeps all the goodness of the fresh fruit. The softness and the conservation of the nutritionals achieved through the osmotic procedure allow the development of unique  beneficial product applications. Moreover, the company is following a vertical business model, from cultivation, to harvesting, processing and marketing functional and tasty sea buckthorn products.

Investing in innovation, RB participates in several European funded projects, amongst which are theSPARKLE : Sustainable Precision Agriculture: Research and Knowledge for Learning how to be an agri-Entrepreneur” as well as “Hippocrates Farm”. For the last project, Rezos Brands has been currently awarded as the best innovative idea in Europe, in Functional Food category, in the framework of H2020-1-2015-KATANA Accelerator via crowd funding platform. The same project idea was also presented in Heidelberg Innovation Forum 2017 as one of the top 10 innovative ideas. Moreover, it has been selected as one of just 55 companies that will appear on the 2018 European Business Awards – Ones to Watch List for Greece.